SPACE MAX-Premium Vacuum Storage Bags
SPACE MAX-Premium Vacuum Storage Bags
SPACE MAX-Premium Vacuum Storage Bags
SPACE MAX-Premium Vacuum Storage Bags
SPACE MAX-Premium Vacuum Storage Bags
SPACE MAX-Premium Vacuum Storage Bags
SPACE MAX-Premium Vacuum Storage Bags
SPACE MAX-Premium Vacuum Storage Bags
SPACE MAX-Premium Vacuum Storage Bags

SPACE MAX-Premium Vacuum Storage Bags

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Maximize your living space and clothing with the original space-saving solution.

Our SPACE MAX vacuum bags are great for maximizing space savers for you! They can be used for storing variety size items such as bedding clothes, blankets, pillows, plush toys, and more.

Our pack comes in 6 different sizes to fit your every need! And they make everything 4 times smaller! And you can fit many things in these bags! Even the biggest duvet, blanket, or giant beach towels fit snugly in these bags!


🔥Save 75% Storage Space

Strong compression, save space easily store all kinds of clothes and quilts. Our SPACE MAX vacuum bags are an ideal solution for adding more storage space to your wardrobes, closets, garages, basements, lofts, and suitcases.

🔥Strong sealing

Our vacuum bags are made of durable and premium quality PA+PE and double zipper seal. Triple-seal turbo valve ensures the space bag is airtight, watertight moisture-proof, insect-proof, and protects your items for a lasting period.

🔥Durable In Use

Using new environmentally friendly PA+PE material, strong and durable, the vacuum bags can be reused multiple times.

🔥Save time&Energy

Can use an electric pump, hand pump, vacuum cleaner for air extraction, to improve pumping efficiency, convenience, and fast, save time and effort.

🔥Easy To Use

Simply put the items in our storage vacuum bag, seal the zipper, suck out the air, close the lid.


Our SPACE MAX vacuum bags are essentials for both household space-saving and travel organizations. Function as storage bags for clothes and compression bags for travel. Useful for a wide range of items such as clothes, blankets, comforters, pillows.

Different size storage suggestions:

Oversized (120*100CM): store a quilt of 6-7kg

Extra large (100*80CM): store a quilt of 4-6kg

Large (90*70CM): store a quilt of 3-4kg

Medium (80*60CM): store a pillow or a thick cotton coat

Small (70*50CM): store several pieces of summer cool quilts or sweaters

Ultra-small (60*40CM): store several pieces of thin clothes

Use Method:

1. Put the items inside our vacuum storage bag

2.Zip along the dual-zip 2-3 times and ensure the zipper is fully sealed

3. Suck all the air out by vacuum cleaner/hand pump included.

4. Close and secure the valve cap.


Material: PA+PE

Size: 6 sizes

Package Contains:

1 X SPACE MAX-Premium Vacuum Storage Bags

1 X Hand pump

Warm Tip: Dear buyer, due to the lighting effect, monitor's brightness, manual measurement, etc., there could be some slight differences in the color and size between the photo and the actual item. Sincerely hope that you can understand! Thank you!


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