Intelligent Flying Ball
Intelligent Flying Ball
Intelligent Flying Ball
Intelligent Flying Ball
Intelligent Flying Ball
Intelligent Flying Ball

Intelligent Flying Ball

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It’s not a plane nor a bird! It’s a flying ball!

A super cool helicopter-style ball toy that amazingly hovers around using your hands to control its fly height! Simply turn it on, wait for the 2 soft blade propellers to move and done! Let the ball sense your hand to fly it more upward and have fun passing it around. It comes with a wireless remote so you can easily control the power switch and take it off to stop flying. Featuring a smart induction which prevents the ball from bumping into walls and other objects. Allowing you to control it even without touching and giving you a smoother, safe flight experience! 

It is designed with colorful dazzling LED lights that shine brightly everytime you fly it around.  Capturing everyone’s attention and making it more fun even when it's night time! What’s more? It is rechargeable so you can plug it into a USB port to give a quick, maximum boost and use it again for more fun! Let it fly around in your room, office, dorms or even outdoors! 


  • Hand-Operated Flying Ball
    This super cool flying ball toy will hover around your house using your hands to control its fly height. Providing you hours of entertainment and great family bonding activity. Simply turn it on, hold it and it will automatically rise shortly after like a helicopter! Just let it sense your hand to get it upward and have fun passing it around. It also has a wireless remote so you can easily control the power switch and take it off to stop flying.  
  • Intelligent Sensor
    Designed with an amazing induction function that intelligently detects objects and moves away safely to avoid crashing. Allowing you to have a smoother flight experience! Put your hands below the ball without touching and it will immediately fly upwards! Making it feel like you have SUPERPOWERS! Additionally, it automatically shuts-off just in case it accidentally hits anything to ensure safety. Perfect to play around in your room, office, dorms and even outdoors. 
  • Cool LED Lights
    The flying ball has built-in LED lights that will shine and change into multiple dazzling colors like a disco ball! The lights will make your game more fun and will surely attract everyone, especially youngsters.
  • Quick Charge
    It is rechargeable, so all you have to do is to plug it into a USB port when it runs out of battery. You can charge it using a power bank, laptops and even your phone! It only takes 20 minutes to fully charge and you can already have fun with it for an extended time!
  • Premium Material
    Made with high-quality, 2 soft blade propellers that lifts the toy stably in the air, high-tech sensor and multi-color LED lights.  Making it more fun and easy to be controlled by hands while ensuring safety. Perfect for kids, teens and adults!


  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Size: 4.3 inch(L) X 6.3 inch(H)


  • 1 x  Intelligent Flying Ball 
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